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Change from "Controlled By Time" To "Use Time In Your Favor"

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Greetings to you, wonderful readers!

In this exploration, we go into the complex tapestry of two life's critical elements - time and energy. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane with Valerie, and see how she turned her life around.

When Valerie was just an 18-year-old girl, she faced a challenge ... unlike most teens her age. She noticed she was always feeling very tired and couldn't keep up with her peers. They could study for hours and party later, not her.

.. Day after day, she found herself needing to nap. And wondered why her energy was always low. She reached a point where getting out of bed was not just hard; it became an insurmountable challenge. Without enough sleep, every part of her body screamed in pain - her head, arms, back, legs - you name it.

The harsh reality hit her one day when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Her doctor predicted a bleak future. Warning her of worsening conditions and even a wheelchair in her future. Valerie, a stubborn soul by nature, refused to accept this.

.. She couldn't imagine a life confined to a bed or a couch. Her aspiration was .. to regain her strength, work, and contribute to society like any healthy person. Are you working? Have you achieved your goals? Valerie posed these questions as she grappled with her reality.

Valerie's trials led her to start a degree, but she couldn't sustain it at that time. She had to rely on medication, which unfortunately left her feeling sick. Her mother, witnessing her struggle. She would tell Valerie, "Do something; you cannot live like this." But how could she when energy was a scarce commodity?

Yet, beneath the surface, there was a young woman, fighting, yearning to live a normal life. But her body seemed to be on a different page, leading her to believe that she was a failure, a disaster. She pondered, "Why continue living?" These dark thoughts stemmed from her energy deficiency.

However, .. within Valerie was a tiny flicker of hope that propelled her to try different strategies. Her first attempt was to divert her mind from the pain by investing her energy in a noble cause. The recognition she received initially boosted her energy. But eventually, she burnt out and found herself back at square one.

Valerie's second attempt revolved around finding a purpose to live, to get up every day. She found this purpose in two beautiful children she adopted. Her children were her joy, her reason for living until exhaustion took over and she was back to square one. This cycle was grueling. And she couldn't go back to square one repeatedly, especially now that she had two lives depending on her.

Are you feeling the weight of caring for others when you're not at your best?

Do you fear hitting rock bottom again?

Valerie did, and it scared her enough to make a commitment to never return to square one again. She realized it’s not just for herself, but for her loved ones too. She couldn't bear the thought of her children witnessing their mother incapacitated.. on the couch in the afternoon. And maybe rely on the TV to keep them entertained. She hated the idea of her husband returning home to a messy house, children running amok, and no meal ready.

So, she decided to change.

At that point, she believed that her lack of energy was not her fault; it was her disability's fault. She considered herself fortunate to have an excuse to not get up and do something with her life. It was also easy to blame her trauma or her grandfather for her ruined life.

If she continued down this path, ... she feared that the doctor's prediction of her being disabled and in a wheelchair would come true. And her husband would leave her and take the kids away. If this happened, then there was no point in living.

During her darkest times, Valerie once considered ending it all, believing her family would have a better life without her. We hope you never have such thoughts, but if you do, remember, there's always hope.

It all began at her in-laws' dining table. Her mother-in-law started a discussion about the correlation between food and energy. At that point, what did Valerie have to lose? She decided to try it out, for it seemed easier than her previous thoughts. Listening attentively, she chose to eliminate dairy from her diet. To her surprise, her pain levels significantly reduced, making mornings less daunting.

Encouraged, she went a step further and cut out gluten. The result? She felt better and could stay awake throughout the day. For years, she tried different things. She attended numerous personal development retreats, and completed various training, courses. Today, people see her as unstoppable. She is always brimming with energy and untouched by stress.

How do you respond when others assume you're infallible?

Are you seeking the energy Valerie now possesses?

Valerie believes she learned the essentiality of decluttering her life. She removed unnecessary elements and simplified it. She did this to a point where she could manage it. Together with JM, they highlighted this strategy in their book, "Put That Stuff Down." But people need more than just written advice to take action. They need evidence, examples, and guidance.

When Valerie followed her guidelines, she was able to lead a normal life. Every day, she could rise in the morning and accomplish her tasks before going to bed. She maintained a consistent energy level. It improved her life tremendously. It also brought happiness to her children when they followed the same rules. Her strategy proved successful not only for her family but also for her friends and clients. They all experienced enhanced energy and productivity.

Do you wish to try this?

Are you seeking a more ordinary life?

Valerie can proudly say that the doctor was wrong about her. Today, she feels more energetic than she did at 20. She maintains a neat home, is a successful entrepreneur, and a proud mother. But the most significant realization was understanding that she could control her health and how she dealt with her circumstances.

She managed to remove the trauma and drama from her life, and in its place, created a love-filled existence with her husband and two children. Has she got her old life back? No, she's done something even better – she crafted a life she wanted. She wouldn't change her journey for anything as it led her to love herself and find happiness.

But the story doesn't end here. Valerie's journey towards reclaiming her life continues where she goes on personal development, retreats, and becomes a beacon of hope for others.

Turning to JM, he shared an insightful experience that solidified their belief in the decluttering journey. It was a few years back when Valerie called him at work, informing him about a visit to a client, Bob, who was struggling with hoarding.

They had established routines and protocols for decluttering, but to JM's disappointment, Bob had filled his apartment with newspapers, magazines, and boxes again.

They revisited their approach, adding self-esteem strengthening exercises and affirmations to their decluttering process. On Valerie's next visit to Bob, there was a notable difference. The clutter was leaving the apartment and not coming back! That's when JM realized the importance of the order and delivery of their decluttering system.

Do you want to discover more about this effective decluttering system?

With this, we encourage you to reflect on your own journeys, and be reminded that there's always hope, and with determination, it is possible to turn the tables. Let Valerie's story remind us of the power of change, the significance of hope, and the incredible resilience that lies within us.

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