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Home Decluttering in Real Life of Trauma

Why is my life so complicated?  .. 😱

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Home Decluttering in real life of trauma


Hello, beloved readers! In this blog post, we're going to delve into the world of decluttering. Allow me to take you on a journey back in time with our co-founder Valerie. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey together.


For years, Valerie battled with trauma symptoms, feeling like she was on an endless rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs. Just like many of you, she felt stuck in a never-ending cycle of despair and struggle. For more than a decade, her life was clouded with the overwhelming darkness of complex PTSD. She yearned to break free from the chains of trauma and yearned for people to see her beyond her mental health struggles.


Imagine feeling like your trauma is your identity, like it's an open book for everyone to read. 


Valerie felt just that way. Her life seemed complex and chaotic. Despite her best efforts, everyday tasks became monumental challenges. She found herself wondering how other people managed to keep their lives together while she felt like she was crumbling. The fear of losing her husband, JM, her children, and her sense of self kept her awake at night.


Despite her fear, Valerie yearned for change. She sought freedom from her trauma and her cluttered life. She was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff in her home. 


Can you relate? 


Do you find yourself holding on to things just in case, only to have them take up space and create chaos?


Initially, Valerie found decluttering to be a struggle. She fell back into old habits, buying and accumulating more things. She was drawn to the fleeting joy of acquiring new stuff, but that joy quickly faded, leaving her with clutter and confusion. 


Have you ever felt like that? 


Like you've just decluttered a space, only to find it filled up again days later?


The fear of being stuck in a cycle of trauma and clutter haunted Valerie. 


What if she never got better? 

What if JM left her? 


She feared being alone, just like some of you might be feeling right now. But, through all her trials, Valerie found support in JM, and she embarked on a journey of learning and growth.


By studying home staging and specializing in professional organizing, Valerie discovered the deep connection between trauma and clutter. This revelation, combined with her earlier training in occupational therapy, helped her understand why her initial attempts at decluttering didn't last. Her fear of empty spaces and decision-making difficulties made the process longer and more challenging.


But, as Valerie started incorporating mindfulness and routine into her decluttering process, her life began to transform. Her living space remained tidy and organized. The sense of achievement was overwhelming. She and JM developed a blueprint, a framework for sustainable decluttering which they coined "Put That Stuff Down." This method became a tool to help others conquer their clutter, both physical and mental.


Imagine being able to lower your stress levels, reduce panic attacks, nightmares, and negative self-talk. 


This was Valerie's reality after decluttering. She found herself in a better place, with an organized home and a clear mind. Have you ever found yourself yearning for such peace and order?


Through her journey, Valerie also learned to balance her life and her needs. When a tornado hit her city in 2018, she was prepared but not overwhelmed. She had just enough supplies for her family, a testament to her newfound balance in life.


The biggest revelation was understanding that while her trauma influenced her life, it did not define her. This realization paved the way for a journey of self-discovery and self-love, a story for another day.


Decluttering is an empowering journey. It's about using your inherent strength to cleanse your life of dust and chaos. It's a freeing, self-discovery process. Imagine sitting comfortably in your favorite spot, free from dust and chaos. That's what decluttering can do for you!


Thank you for joining us on this journey through Valerie's story. Let's break the stigma surrounding trauma and show those struggling that change is possible. 


Remember, you're not alone on this journey. 

Valerie, JM and the team offer guidance to help you declutter your life. 

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Stay tuned for the next part of this transformative series on decluttering and post-trauma healing.