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How To Build Momentum In Your Decluttering Journey

Do you feel you are working hard to get started and get going ... but all your efforts seems worthless.


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From Trauma to Freedom: Harnessing the Power of Momentum in Your Decluttering Journey

Today we dive headfirst into one of my personal favourite subjects: momentum. This seemingly simple term embodies a powerful concept that can work wonders in our lives, especially when trying to free ourselves from trauma and embark on a decluttering journey. 

You see, momentum is like a self-propelling force. Picture a ball rolling down a hill. It starts off slow, but as it keeps moving, it's harder to stop. It gains speed. It gains momentum. This concept, though rooted in physics, is applicable to our human behavior, thoughts, and actions. How? Let's explore.

Years ago, I learned a profound definition of momentum from Tom Bilyeu, a renowned life coach: "Momentum is when you have many people going in the same direction for the same or similar goal." 

Sounds simple, right? But, what about when you're alone? Can you create momentum solo? Of course, you can, though it's definitely challenging. Let's imagine you're trying to push a car that's in neutral. Alone, it'll be a Herculean task, almost impossible. Now, add five more people to the mix, and voila, the car starts moving. That's momentum! And once you get it moving, you need less strength to maintain the same speed, and eventually, you can even go faster. 

Now, picture this: You've started to move that car, you've built up momentum, and one by one, people start to leave. Will the car stop? No! The momentum you've built up keeps it going. This example, while simplistic, is a metaphor for how momentum works in our lives. 

So, how can we leverage momentum in our decluttering journey?

Our journey is holistic. It's not about cleaning up a messy room. It's about decluttering our lives, from stress to time-wasters to fears and emotional blockages. We start with mental and emotional clutter before tackling physical possessions. This journey, when done right, gives us momentum. 

Our next step? Harnessing collective momentum! Imagine a group of people all pursuing the same goal of decluttering their lives. Even though they may not be working on the same exact projects, the collective energy creates a potent momentum. It's a self-sustaining force that helps everyone involved push forward with less individual effort. 

But, to be able to harness this force, we must first begin. Getting started is arguably the most difficult part. And this is where our "Art of Starting" comes in, a process we've developed to help people take that first vital step. Just like a toddler learning to walk, we must stand up, take a step, stumble, and then stand up again. Over and over until we're finally walking. The power of togetherness aids this process. The desire to belong, to be a part of a collective, pushes us to keep trying.

Now, you might be thinking, "Great! I've got momentum. I'm on a roll. Things should be easy now." Not so fast! With momentum comes challenges, and one of the most significant is maintaining focus. At the start, you'll need an abundance of motivation to prevent your energy from dispersing and your focus from waning. It's natural to seek the path of least resistance, especially when the journey is hard. 

The solution? A strong support system in place. Surround yourself with people who understand your journey and will be there to help when the going gets tough. 

Next, to keep that momentum going, it's essential to remove any friction. In physics, friction slows down movement, reducing momentum

In our journey, friction could be fear, overthinking, or distractions like phone calls or certain objects that induce anxiety. If we can identify and eliminate these frictions, we can keep our momentum going strong.

And finally, remember, even when you're sailing smoothly, don't abandon the strategies that got you there. Complacency is a sneaky enemy that often shows up when things start to work. When we stop doing what's been successful, our progress doesn't immediately halt. Because of the momentum we've built, it slowly decelerates until it grinds to a halt. 

In conclusion, the key to a successful decluttering journey is in understanding and harnessing the power of momentum. It requires commitment, a strong support system, and constant vigilance against potential friction. Remember, the journey may be long, but the transformation it brings is worth every step.

Thank you for joining us in this exploration of the power of momentum. If you're struggling to find that momentum or need guidance on your journey, we're here to help. We offer a program aptly named "Momentum" to help you unlock the most significant change in your life. 

Always remember, it is possible to free yourself from trauma and declutter your life. Until next time, keep moving forward!

For more information on our decluttering journey and the Momentum program, >> click here <<. Let us walk together towards freedom.