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When Trauma Resurfaces

Why does trauma sometimes return, even after we thought it was behind us? 

We know trauma's a heavy topic, but it's super important. Especially when it sneaks back into our lives. . .

“ Ever felt that way? . . . the feeling of being trapped by your past? “

For starters, what's this whole "trauma resurfacing" deal? 

It’s like an old wound. . . You think it’s healed, but then one day, you stretch, and - ouch! - it aches again. That's trauma for you. 

Let’s take a journey from the dark corners of trauma to the bright alleys of “Joie de Vivre”.  Allow me to share with you a story that moves through the strings of trauma and moving on.

Understanding The Return of Old Wounds

"So, you know when old memories suddenly pop up?”  Yes, it happens to the best of us. 

Sometimes, a familiar scent or scene can transport you right back to the hurt. Like when your favorite song takes you to your childhood home. 

But here, instead of nostalgia, it's pain.

"I used to think those haunting memories were coming back. Turns out, they never left. I just got really good at playing hide and seek with them.” 

Imagine stuffing a messy room full of clutter under the bed and thinking it’s clean. That's what I did with my trauma.

Valerie shared her story about working tirelessly at St. John Ambulance, being there for everyone. But one day, the weight of her buried trauma caught up. The result? An emotional crash.

The countless hours she put into helping others was her escape, her way of avoiding her pain. But the truth? It was a ticking bomb.

“I'd see an older man on the street, and my mind would race with a million thoughts., "When my kiddos were tiny, something as simple as bath time became an emotional whirlwind. I’d get flashbacks..” 

That's the tricky thing about trauma; it doesn't need a big stage. It can creep in during the smallest, most mundane moments.

But here’s the thing. . .It's not all doom and gloom!

When her teenage son wants to chat about school bullies or his first crush, that’s when things really got challenging. She feels that sting. But now, she can handle it. 

“ Deep breaths, focusing on his words, staying in the moment – these are my shields now. ”

What’s the secret sauce?

It’s not rocket science, but it needs heart and hustle. 

After a tough chat, she'd indulge in ice cream, or take a quiet walk, or dive into a book. 

It's all about knowing when you're sliding and catching yourself before the fall. 

It's all about finding what clicks for you.

Recognizing and Coping with Resurfacing Pain

Here’s the real kicker: everyone faces trauma differently.

Some see it as a beast to defeat, others as a shadow to outshine. When those old feelings come knocking, many just want to bolt the door and hide. 

And honestly, that’s okay

But facing it? That’s where the magic happens.

I once read something powerful by Emerson. To put it simply: 

“You’ve got the power. The only thing that can really beat you? It’s you. When you’re clear about where you’re headed, the journey becomes easier."

Remember Valerie's story? . . 

It's not about the absence of trauma, but about being equipped to handle its surprises. 

We've seen countless people transform their traumatic memories from overpowering giants to mere shadows.

When Trauma Knocks Again: Your Strength and Choice in Facing It

Thinking about that two-sided coin of trauma: 

When does it pop back up?  How? 

And, the big one. . . what on earth do you do when it does?

Many of us, maybe even you, feel trapped, cornered by that returning trauma. The echo of "I can't deal with it" is something we hear often. It’s like this haunting background music that won’t turn off. 

But here's a wake-up call: Handling trauma? It's a choice. Yep, that's right. And sometimes, that choice comes from places you'd least expect.

Your environment might nudge you, saying, “Hey, it's time to face this.” Or maybe your own brain (sneaky thing that it is) decides, “We need to sort this out.” If you're not stepping up, life has a way of forcing your hand. But the great thing is, everyone has the power to face, fight, and ultimately find strength through their trauma.

Overcoming Tough Times

Trauma might return because of some sneaky trigger, but guess what? Now, we’ve got tools in our arsenal. It would no longer bowl you over. Instead, you can see it, address it, and keep moving."

So, when the ghosts of the past pay a visit, the question is. . .

“ Will they knock you down, or will you stand tall? "

The answer? Load up your toolkit. Maybe it's scribbling your thoughts in a journal. Maybe it's dancing like nobody's watching. Or maybe it’s just a deep breath. Just remember to catch yourself."

If you ever need a guide, you may check the book, Put That Stuff Down 2. Our mission? To hand you the tools, so you can build a fortress."

In Conclusion

Life's a merry-go-round. . . There'll be highs and lows. 

For everyone. . . Rich or poor, young or old. . .

. . .  it's all about decluttering the soul. So, when that trauma tries to resurface, will it overpower you? Or will you stay strong, and ready?

Dive deep, rise strong, and keep shining.

If you ever wonder about how to arm yourself for such moments, take a look at what the book Put That Stuff Down 2 has to offer. The goal? To equip you with what you need. Because when trauma resurfaces, it's not about how strong it comes back, but about how strong you stand against it. 

Remember, you create the life you want.